Shampoo for Psoriasis – Unique Scalp Psoriasis Treatment

Young lady with Shampoo for PsoriasisYou may have reached this article because you’re a long-term sufferer of Psoriasis and are looking for good advice on Shampoo for Psoriasis or Scalp Psoriasis Treatment.

Well, you’re in the right place. This article will give you some really useful information that could help you to get your life back and free you of Psoriasis forever.

You see Psoriasis is considered to be a skin disorder that happens when your immune system fails. Of course there are brands of shampoo for psoriasis that probably have helped you in the past but you find that when the symptoms subside, and you stop using your psoriasis shampoo the symptoms return once more and in some cases they are worse.

Shampoo for Psoriasis Secrets

Mia Wadsworth and Scalp psoriasis treatmentWe’re going to let you into a little secret about how you can use a scalp psoriasis treatment that will cure you. A lady by the name of Mia Wadsworth was a long-term sufferer of scalp psoriasis and, like you she tried every trick in the book to get rid of it.

She spent her days looking for the right treatment with little or no results. Mia suffered with terrible lesions on her scalp that would bleed and weep all the time. Her life was truly miserable.

In the end she decided to take “the bull by the horns” and do some research of her own, instead of spending yet more money on psoriasis shampoo she started to delve a little deeper into why the products she bought didn’t seem to work.

This is when she discovered an ingredient called Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulphate or SLS. This ingredient is included in over 90% of all shampoos for psoriasis! This substance is well known for causing irritation to your skin and this made Mia’s blood boil. She was aghast at the idea she had been using scalp psoriasis treatment that could actually make her symptoms worse!

So, you can now find “No More Dry Scalp” on the internet and Mia will show you how you can create your own Shampoo for Psoriasis. It’s an all natural way to get rid of this nasty skin disorder once and for all. Mia also offers a 100% money back guarantee on her system if it doesn’t work! Click Here to uncover the unique method to cure Psorias.

Why You Should Use a Natural Shampoo for Psoriasis Method as a Scalp Psoriasis Treatment

Woman with Natural scalp psoriasis treatmentIf you have read the information above you will already know why we recommend you use Mia’s method as a Shampoo for Psoriasis Treatment. There are other benefits to this as well. The most obvious one is you will save money and you get your life back at the same time.

Using a natural scalp psoriasis treatment or a recommended natural shampoo for psoriasis means you won’t have to take time out of your daily routine so you can visit a doctor. In fact the only time we recommend you go and see your doctor is to show them you have finally cured your psoriasis without their help! Many companies will not pay you for time you take off to see a doctor which loses you money.

It can also be a real pain to try to get across town so you can keep an appointment. By using a scalp psoriasis treatment that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals which could exacerbate your symptoms, not only will you be able to get rid of those nasty looking and painful lesions, you will also not suffer any side effects. At last you will be in the situation where you only have to purchase a scalp psoriasis treatment or a psoriasis shampoo once. No more annoying visits back to the pharmacy to try yet another brand of scalp psoriasis treatment.

Imagine being in a situation where you no longer have to fret about whether you’re going to suffer another flare-up and you know the Shampoo for Psoriasis you’re using actually works. In fact, it goes one step further…you’ll be cured! Click Here to visit Mia’s official website to find out what you need to do.

More Useful Tips on Scalp Psoriasis Treatment

Aside from the methods outlined so far for a Scalp Psoriasis Treatment, there are other things you can do to help the condition. More natural scalp psoriasis treatments you can use are listed below:

Your Mind and Body

yoga as a stress treatment for psoriasisWe all know that if you feel good about your body, your mind will be at rest as well. Of course, you’re not feeling all that good about either at the moment but there are a couple of things you can do to help this.

Practicing yoga is a great natural remedy for psoriasis. It will help balance your body and mind. It’s also a good idea to go for a massage.

This type of scalp psoriasis treatment will relax your muscles and help relax your mind as well.

Aloe Vera 

Aloe vera as a natural Home remedy for scalp psoriasis | Shampoo for psoriasisAloe Vera has long been used for treating ailments such as cuts or burns. If you’re looking for an alternative scalp psoriasis natural treatment or are still in the process of finding the right shampoo for psoriasis, Aloe Vera is a great method.

However, you must make sure it’s as pure as possible. If you have an Aloe Vera plant, take one of the leaves and squeeze the juices directly on to your scalp.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Psoriasis natural remedies and apple cider vinegarIt may sound like a bit of a contradiction advising you to use vinegar as a scalp psoriasis treatment but Apple Cider Vinegar has received many great reviews as a great psoriasis of the scalp remedy because of its healing properties.

It has been said that if you mix this vinegar with moisturizer or water it will help soothe the pain and itching associated with scalp psoriasis. It is also possible to apply it directly to your skin. Although this scalp psoriasis treatment has not been endorsed by the medical profession, as said many sufferers have reported it works very well.


capsaicin for scalp psoriasis treatmentThis substance is an extract taken from cayenne peppers and can be found in any herbal store in the form of creams, lotions or patches.

Of course if you want a natural psoriasis of the scalp treatment, it will be best to use the creams. Capsaicin is said to help block signals sent to the brain which tell you you’re itchy or in pain.

Dead Sea Salts  sea salt remedy

If you can visit the Dead Sea then a good soak will do you a world of wonders but that’s just not an option for most of us. Instead you can buy products like mud or other products that contain Dead Sea salts.

Because of the high salt content this will help as a scalp psoriasis natural treatment.

Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil as an alternative to shampoo for psoriasisThis essential oil has been around for centuries and is used for a wide range of ailments.

However, many people say it’s a great alternative to shampoo for psoriasis.

One word of warning with this one, tea tree oil is powerful stuff and you should test it on a small area before you cover your scalp in it. It should also be diluted and not used directly from the bottle.

The Sun the sun for scalp psoriasis treatment

It has been found that short bursts of exposure to the sun (no more than 10 minutes) is very helpful with psoriasis, this is because the suns UV rays contain essential vitamins that keep skin healthy.

Just make sure you don’t over expose your skin or this could result in some pretty painful sunburn.


For more information on apple cider vinegar remedies please watch this video: YouTube Preview Image

Psoriasis Diet in Addition to Shampoo for Psoriasis

Whilst you use a Shampoo for Psoriasis you should also take a look at your Psoriasis Diet so it can be used in conjunction with the psoriasis shampoo. Having a healthy psoriasis diet is important and there are certain foods you should and shouldn’t eat. If you follow the advice below your scalp psoriasis will clear up much quicker.

Foods You Should Eat when using Shampoo for Psoriasis

  • Psoriasis diet in Addition to Shampoo for PsoriasisLean Poultry and Beef – Make sure you don’t eat meats that are high in fat.
  • Coldwater fish – These are high in Omega-3 fatty acids which is good for your skin. Fish such as herring, mackerel, salmon, albacore, trout and anchovies will all serve well as a scalp Psoriasis treatment.
  • Leafy green vegetables – These are also high in Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Fruit and Vegetables – These are a great source of vitamins A and C, and the best foods to choose are oranges, cantaloupes, carrots and blueberries.

What You Should Not Eat when using Shampoo for Psoriasis

  • say No to alcohol when treating psoriasis naturallyAlcohol and Caffeine – whilst these are beverages as oppose to food, they are not a great scalp Psoriasis treatment. They de-hydrate you and will make your dry skin even worse.
  • Foods High in Fat – Anything of this nature should be avoided. Not only will they cause you to gain weight and affect your self-esteem, as someone who suffers from Psoriasis, you are more at risk of contracting heart disease. Hide those cakes for now.
  • High Fat Dairy – This should not be part of your psoriasis diet for the same reason as foods that are high in fat.

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A Few Final Words on Scalp Psoriasis Treatment

We dealt with one very important lady at the beginning of this article and unlike the medical profession she knows how to cure your scalp Psoriasis. We cannot stress enough just how good the “No More Dry Scalp” method is for a natural scalp psoriasis treatment and when you are looking for a shampoo for psoriasis.

If you use Mia`s method in conjunction with some of the other advice given in this article you truly can be free from scalp psoriasis for good. No more trips to the doctor, no more covering up because your don’t want people to see how badly you’re suffering and no more wasting money on expensive products that contain harmful chemicals which could make your symptoms worse.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by taking a look at “No More Dry Scalp” official website to see what a difference this scalp psoriasis treatment has made to a lot of other peoples’ lives. You also won’t be wasting your money, if you’re not happy you’ll get your money back without question. In our opinion this won’t happen and you can finally have scalp psoriasis free skin and stay that way for the rest of your life. Click Here to read more about natural psoriasis treatment on Mia’s official site.

Take a look today and see what Mia can do to help you, your Dry Scalp and your Scalp Psoriasis!!!